旅行的英语作文 篇1

a few years ago, a summer vacation, i came to the tourist resort, hainan, with the tour group.

we sat in the car and got upset and arrived for four or five hours. the car stops, my eyes bright, a big piece of coconut, coconut trees, some young girls in: "you drink coconut, fresh and large coconut!" hear the clear voice, you do not want to buy. the girls skilfully opened a small mouth at the top of the coconut and handed over a straw. it can suck a mouthful of it, with a natural fragrance juice down your throat gently slide, urinary refreshing, very comfortable.

near the afternoon, we came to the statue hall, which stood a crowd of coconut dolls, look different, true to life, very cute. let you wonder if the engraved man has magic. on the other side of the statue hall, there are twelve zodiac signs of wood carving. my hands clenched, and his zodiac: tiger made a gesture of tiger wu song, aunt quickly pressed the shutter, according to my view. unwittingly, the sky was already dark, and i left the statue hall.

on the morning of the second day, we came to the ends of the earth in the yacht. the sea breeze gently stroked my face, my hands gently crossed the green water, making you feel in heaven. in the yacht, i saw four big words on a big stone, "the ends of the earth". suddenly, a big wave came and splashed snow-white waves. the spray reflected sunlight in the sunlight. it was like a fairy who was born from this colorful jade. the tide slowly retreat, the sea suddenly appeared a spectacle - diversiform shells appeared in the golden beach, dazzle you, have some sparkling green, little and dainty, in short, are very beautiful.

it was time to go home, i am unable to part from hainan. oh! beautiful hainan island.

写旅游的英语作文 篇2

secondly, we can make friends by traveling.for most travelers, they tend to find many companions to travel with.if you check the internet, you will find that some people will call others to join them for travel.through this kind of travel, we can meet many different people and make friends with them to broaden our social circle.


thirdly, we can learn much knowledge form travel.before you go to somewhere to travel, generally, you need to make plans for your travel.you can find lots of things you don’t know when you make a plan, such as, the origin of a certain area, the customs of different areas, local food and so on.


in conclusion, we can not only relax ourselves and make new friends but at the same time we can learn much from travel.


旅游英语作文 篇3

traveling isusually boring. there are always too many people in the places of interest inchina and it is crowed everywhere, when it comes to the golden weeks, thissituation could be worse. just imagine that you are waiting in line, hungry andthirsty. all you want is a ticket that can get through the door to see thebeautiful view. you may complain: “why am i coming to the terrible place? why ido this to myself?” if you are unlucky, you may encounter a bad guide whoforces you to shop here and there. how horrible it is! what’s worse, you mayspend more money than usually does.

why don’t youjust stay at home and enjoy the cozy life? you don’t need to go outside to seethe view, you can just turn on the tv or computer, the amazing view willrepresent in front of you. you not only save a large sum of money, but alsoyour precious time. and you can do other things too, such as watching a classicmovie, chatting with friends on the phone or surfing the internet. this couldbe so much fun! therefore, i prefer to stay at home instead of going outside.

写旅游的英语作文 篇4

last summer, my family and i went to hawaii for a holiday!

we flew across the pacific to the tiny island from beijing. after we booked into a hotel, we rested. our fun started the next day and lasted for two long weeks. during our time there, we ate delicious exotic food and drank numerous fruit juices. the hawaiians are very proud of their unique food, often 'spiced up' with slices of juicy pineapple and strings of delicious cheese. there were also fantastic beaches right access the tiny atoll. the water was sparkling blue and the sand dunes radiated with an inviting warmth of gold. the place was wonderful and the locals were really nice; i really enjoyed my holiday.



写旅游的英语作文 篇5

this summer vacation, i went to beijing.

it was a very great city!

we went to the great wall first. like its name, it was very great. we can see many mountains around.

then we went to visit tian'an men square. it was also fantastic.

we lived in a small house in a beijing hutung, it was a traditional beijing building called 'four-section compound'。

i enjoyed myself a lot.

旅游英语作文 篇6

this week i got my job as an historian boss, and i got a great group with sam, nicky, may and winnie. last week we didn’t have homework , but this week we just have a little.

in reading we read a story called “ brave melissa”。 it talks about a little girl who saved her dog that is twice sizes of her. and we also read a story called “ life saving class” , it tells about a kid who wanted to be an lifeguard, so he went to have classes, but we don’t like the sight of blood.

in english we have learned types of sentences, they are interrogative, exlamatory, peclarative and imperative sentences. in science, we did a fun thing that we took the clay and rolled it into an ball, we made it an falt bottom and then put a starw on the top of it and we put it on our pules, it moved up and down!

旅游英语作文 篇7

travels on holidaysin china

nowadays, more and more people like to travel in their holidays. the other day i read a report about the ways people spend their holidays. it is reported that in recent yiars several new holiday habits have been developed. among them, the most interesting one is the growth of the so-called holiday camps.

from the report we can see that in 1990,40 percent of people stayed at home for holidays. but now the proportion has reduced to 9 percent. more people go out for fun. the proportion of camping and traveling abroad was increasing steadily, from 10 percent in 1990 to 38 percent in 20xx, and 12 percent in 1990 to 26 percent in 20xx respectively. people enjoy the fresh air, clean water and green hills when they go camping in the suburbs. in 1990,38 percent people enjoyed going to the seaside while in 20xx only 27 percent prefer to go there. what great changes!

why did those changes appear? i think there are several reasons. first, it s because people can afford traveling. second, people prefer to pursue a high-quality and colorful life. third, their attitudes to relaxation have changed. less people want to save much money by leading a simple life. in short, peoples living standard today has been rising greatly.






写旅游的英语作文 篇8

1.come to my hometown fujian for a visit


2.hi, john, i'm glad to hear that you're planning to travel a][round china during the summer vacation. i'd like to invite you to my hometown fujian for a visit.


3.fujian lies in the southeast of china with fuzhou as its capital city. it has a population of over 38 million. because of the nice environment, it's known asrefreshing fujian, which attracts millions of tourists from home and abroad. if you come here, you can enjoy fresh air, blue sky as well as beautiful mountains and clear rivers. many famous places of interest like mount wuyi and gulang island are well worth visiting. besides, you can taste various kinds of delicious food.


4.i'm looking forward to meeting you!


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