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让五彩斑斓的网络世界更好地为我们服务,带给 我们更多的便捷,成为我们了解世界,走进地球村的窗口,做到绿色上网,文明上网,快乐上网。为大家精心整理了the internet and our life互联网与我们的生活英语【优秀8篇】,在大家参照的同时,也可以分享一下给您最好的朋友。

the internet and our life互联网与我们的生活英语作文 篇1

some people say that in the internet age, our lives have been fragmented. it makes sense for him to say so. if we go back to the source, we can understand such information.

the fragmentation of our lives is magnified and then magnified through the internet. a little news has been reported again and again, affecting our lives.

the internet, a large network covering the whole world, can cover the whole earth. in this way, everyone on earth benefits from and is subject to the internet.

the fast of internet information not only brings us more novel and exciting moves, but also brings us more pauses. so it's hard to make a final decision whether the internet is good or bad!

on saturday and sunday, we often go out to dinner with our parents. just sitting down, "ding ding", the mobile phone sang the same "song" for thousands of years. so, my mother handed me the menu. she focused on watching the mobile phone and ordering good dishes. my brother played games on the mobile phone. my mother chatted with friends on wechat on the mobile phone, and my father browsed daily finance and economics on the mobile phone. i reluctantly lowered my head to brush the screen and watch my favorite news. alas, a good meal has no taste of reunion. after serving the dishes, everyone ate their own food. even when answering, the ox head was not right for the horse mouth. however, no one cares. compared with the interesting things on the internet, what family members say is really boring. alas, disturbed affection.

have you ever heard of a woman who violated traffic rules being dragged by the traffic police? for several days in a row, follow-up reports emerge one after another. who is right and who is wrong? there are some paragraphs that take meaning, and there are more strong arguments. therefore, the busy life is interrupted by mobile phones, and then interrupted

everyone loves mobile phones and everyone looks at them. originally, the overall working hours or rest hours were separated by the mobile phone. the "leader" of the master mercilessly separated the whole period or the whole day, so that the work stopped and the rest was disturbed. the work and rest were ruthlessly divided into sections, one by one, and even the family affection of the family was affected.

网络与生活(internet and life)英语作文 篇2

in such a networked society, people are tend to use hot words on the internet, which has been tagged with fashion and trend. these buzzwords are formed with the popularity of internet, which means that without the internet those works make no sense. but we can’t deny that they do enrich our communication words and contribute a lot in entertaining people. internet buzzwords are extremely popular in the internet used by netizens, especially in the microblog, even in the students’ examination paper.

in my point of view, internet buzzwords are undoubtedly hot and fashionable on the internet, but in the real life people are not so familiar with those words. some people feel puzzled at those words. in other words, internet buzzwords can only make sense with the context of internet. therefore, these words are limited in certain condition and can’t be generalized for their unfamiliarity to some people. they aren’t supposed to be encouraged in the students’ examination paper, which is formal and should be taken seriously.

the internet and our life互联网与我们的生活英语作文 篇3

with the development of society, the internet has gradually entered every household, and people's lifestyle is very different from before.

"lan lan, class is coming soon. turn on the computer and class will begin soon." it was a sunday morning. as soon as i opened my hazy eyes, my mother pulled me into my study and began "class". i opened the teaching website slowly and carefully. on the internet, teachers can explain topics for us and learn new knowledge without leaving home. but when i was doing questions on the internet, i encountered difficulties. the time for doing questions was coming. i hurried to type and ask questions to the teacher. after the teacher explained it to me alone, i suddenly realized that i had just been in a mess.

at noon, my parents had something to do temporarily, so i had to order meals with my mobile phone. half an hour later, the meals were delivered on time. ah! it smells good. suddenly the air conditioner turned on. oh, it turned out that my parents were remotely controlling. they estimated that they saw the indoor temperature and were afraid of my heat. after lunch, i began to do my homework. i suddenly found that there was no homework book, so i had to turn on my mobile phone and buy some books with software. fifteen minutes later, the things arrived. when i finished my homework and played with my mobile phone, i found that a new film had been released recently. i quickly sent this message to my classmates. after a while, some classmates said they wanted to see it. i hurriedly booked tickets online and paid the money. the cinema is very close to our home. it takes too much time to walk there, and it's too expensive to take a taxi. i decided to ride a shared bike. it's not only cheap, but also fast.

in the evening, i came back from the movie. mother was cooking in the kitchen, but she found that there was no soy sauce, so she decided to "send" her father to buy soy sauce. but dad was watching tv. he was in the mood to buy soy sauce. he placed an order directly with the software. after a while, the things came.

the internet has become an indispensable part of our life. it not only brings us convenience and quickness, but also brings us a higher quality and more efficient life. you can shop in line for dinner and work in the subway. the internet has not only changed people's way of life, but also changed people's way of thinking. these fragments of life are like shells. when they are strung together, they form a complete necklace; it's like a few pieces, staggered.

网络与生活(internet and life)英语作文 篇4

as a product of modern puter and the internet, online games have bee very popular among college students. many students have enjoyed great pleasure and satisfaction from these games. but as we see, some students lacking self-discipline are too much indulged in these games so that their health and academic performances are affected. this phenomenon has caused much worry from the teachers and parents.

however, some others argue that online games are not always harmful. they can train the ability of youngsters to respond to things quickly. moreover, they can stimulate their imagination and their interest in puter science. more importantly, it does bring college students much pleasure and release their pressure greatly.

from my point of view, online games are a wonderful entertainment if you play them in a clever way. when they interfere too much with your study, it is better for you to give them up at once. but if you have enough self-control over them, you can certainly obtain real pleasure and benefit a lot from them.

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网络与生活(internet and life)英语作文 篇6

the life on internet 21st century is a century of internet. with the development of science and technology, more and more people, old and young, begin to "surf the net" to look for information or to entertain themselves with on-line games.

internet is a colorful world. here you can look for whatever information you want; you can browse the latest news at home and abroad; you can chat with friends, do your shopping, watch movies, play games, send e-mails and so on. you can do almost everything in this variable the 21st century, people have been and will be more accustomed to internet. interact makes the world smaller, and with it the whole world seems to be just a click away. it is part of our life.

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